Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pages of the Heart Digital Design Team Member! Becoming a member of a design team is a very rewarding experience. We have a few small set guidelines for our Digital Design Team Members. Please review these guidelines prior to submitting your application. 

Digital Design Team Member Requirements: 

Pages of the Heart Design Team Members should be willing to spend at least 5-8 hours a week working on projects. As a Design Team Member for Pages of the Heart, you will be required to be active in the digital design forums. 

Design Team Members main focus is on layouts and page element design. Digital Design Team Members will have set projects to work on. Examples of some of the projects include: Theme of the Month, Technique of the Month, Product Projects, working within the layout gallery and digital forum areas, specific page element ideas, and helping to promote Pages of the Heart site. 

Pages of the Heart Digital Design Team Application

To complete your application, you need to upload at least 10 layouts 

into our members gallery. We will review your layouts from there. 

Full Name:

Pages of the Heart User Name: 


City, State & Zip:


Email Address:

Homepage URL (optional):

Tell us a little about you.
(Hobbies, family, pets, ect.)

How long have you been scrapbooking digitally?

Why do you think you would make a good
addition to the Pages of the Heart Design Team?

What do you consider your best Digital Scrapbooking techniques? 

Do you create your own graphic images?
What outside sources do you
use to obtain your digital images if you do not create them? 

What software programs do you use to create your designs? 

Do you paper scrap as well as digital scrap?
If so, for how long and what are your favorite techniques? 

Are you a Design Team member for another Company?

Has your work ever been published?

If so, by who and when:

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